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Project Description
Provides a set of providers which can be plugged into ASP.NET to log the communication between the ASP.NET framework and the provider. These providers are designed to aid in the development of new providers. It allows you can see what the framework is calling and the responses your provider (or the standard providers) are returning.

The provider logging project is designed to allow you to see the communication that is happening between the ASP.NET framework and the providers you have plugged into the framework. Currently the project has providers for membership, roles, and sitemap providers coded out. Contributors are always welcome to add logging for other providers.

Logging is accomplished through the use of trace statements which log which method was called, what the parameters were and what the response was. It is up to the user to configure their web application to record the trace statements if desired. The sample web application includes the web.config entries necessary to log to a file on the C drive -- which is suitable for debugging/learning but not production.

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